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Who remember this?


Who remember this?





it’s not a true internet fight without the word “sweetie”








god bless gordan ramsey 

Dude is only a dick to adults, awesome.

because, those adults should know what they’re doing, they’re cooks these are kids hes teaching to cook, therefore he is patient. 

gordon ramsey is one of my favorite people in the whole world ok

The only reason he gets so angry is because the people he’s yelling at claim to know what they are doing and are charging people accordingly. If you listen to why he’s actually angry more than half the time you’d realize you’d be furious too. This man is beyond patient and kind toward people in normal circumstances, but he is really serious about his profession and what should be demanded of it. He’s one of my favorite people too

But have you seen “Hotel Hell” tho.

There was an elderly couple on there who lost EVERYTHING and he bought them a FREAKING APARTMENT.

The guy has a huge heart, no kidding.

Gordan Ramsey is my favourite person in the entire world


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anxiousammonite said: what kinda red? Oxblood or cherry?

Oxblood :) Cherry might be a bit too bright!

To get red or black doc martens. That is the question?

Character: *dies*
Me: haha we're just gonna ignore that